Welcome to Spotlight, a Mother-to-Mother podcast, hosted by Mimi and Dobra! You will meet women sharing their stories of struggle, triumph, and hope. Our aim is to ensure that no woman ever feels alone. Through their brave storytelling, these women become lifelines for others on their own journeys. So join us as we dive into the incredible stories that inspire and empower.

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This podcast is designed for women. It is intended for a mature audience and contains sensitive topics.

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Rising Beyond Alopecia: Tanya Levy’s Journey of Confidence and Resilience

Join us in this episode as we follow the transformative journey of Tanya Levy, who, at the vulnerable age of sixteen, discovered she had Alopecia, leading to complete hair loss. From her initial struggle with self-esteem in the face of this condition, Tanya’s story evolves into one of remarkable strength and empowerment. Her path to embracing her true self, navigating challenges like seminary and shidduchim, and turning vulnerability into a source of courage, reminds us that we all have an incredible capacity to triumph over adversity. Through Tanya’s experiences, we delve into themes of inner beauty, resilience, and family/community support, leaving us inspired to face our own challenges with newfound confidence.

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Battling breast cancer and life after with BRCA1 with Odette Wohlman

In this episode of Spotlight, Odette Wohlman shares her inspiring journey of faith, strength, and unbelievable hope. On Chanukah 2021, Odette received the life-altering diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer and to the discovery that she was carrying the BRCA1 gene. Join Odette as she takes us through her personal experiences and how she navigated the challenges that came with her diagnosis. Through it all, she emerged with an unwavering faith, inner strength, and a hope that defied any odds. Don’t miss this powerful episode of resilience and determination.

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So Much More Than Dance Shoes: Nurturing children, and women’s wellbeing with Louise Leach

Louise Leach has an fascinating journey from fame to religious dance school founder. In this episode we talk about the importance of children feeling success outside the classroom. She shares her own personal experiences and stories of students who have found their passion and purpose through the performing arts, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on their confidence and overall well-being. Louise also discusses the importance of self-care and shares her encounters with women struggling with mental health, highlighting the powerful role that doing something you enjoy can play in healing.

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My Journey with Postnatal Depression Didn’t Break me. It Built Me! An anonymous account.

Please note that this episode discusses sensitive topics.

In this week’s episode, we have the privilege of hearing from an anonymous woman who shares her courageous journey through Postnatal Depression (or PPD). With unflinching honesty, she takes us through her early marriage, pregnancy, and the challenging aftermath of giving birth. She navigates the depths of sadness, isolation, and self-doubt, while also discovering hope, growth, and resilience. Through therapy, medication, and support from loved ones, she gradually heals and emerges from the darkness, becoming the empowered and loving mother she aspires to be. Join us as we hear the incredible journey of one woman’s path to healing and empowerment.

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