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Jordana’s Story

When [my daughter] was born, I knew that Mother to Mother would be there to offer support if I needed, I did not realise just how much support!

I have suffered from postpartum anxiety and depression more than once before and when it began to hit again not long after she was born I felt nervous and a little heartbroken that it was back.

Within hours of reaching out through Deena, you had already coordinated meals, childcare support and offered and booked me a doctor’s appointment when I didn’t have the wherewithal to do it myself.

That appointment saved me as for the first time ever I agreed to taking medication which in the long run has proved life – changing.
The first month or two on the medication were hard, the first month even worse than not being medicated but you were there every Monday with a meal. I had almost no appetite at the time due to the anxiety and the side effects of the medication but Mondays meant I would at least eat something as I couldn’t let your delicious packages go to waste. My very first meal was a smoked salmon spelt croissant. I could barely eat half of it.

Weeks later when you were still sending me lunches I remember it feeling so significant that I was well enough to eat all of the next smoked salmon croissant.

By the final cycle of the now famed croissant I was totally back to myself and thinking about how much of my journey to recovery I have to be thankful to you for.

From the phone support, doctors appointments, nannying, visits, meals, lunches and sponsoring my postpartum doula to stay for longer Mother to Mother literally mothered me in every way possible. Having lost my own mother, I felt you really stepped in and I know she too would be so so grateful to you for taking care of me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chavi’s story

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Lara’s Story

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