Our Impact

Improved Mental Health

According to NHS statistics, 1 to 2 in 10 mothers suffer from postnatal depression; however, these numbers are underreported. Our services prevent women from being at risk of mental health issues, by ensuring they have good care and nurture. When issues arise, we have a good track record in helping women on their journey to improved mental health and wellbeing.

As one mother said, ‘my family liaison was a lifeline who helped me get through a very dark time.’

90% of mothers using our services believe our help improved their mental wellbeing. 65% said a key benefit of attending group events was to form ongoing relationships with volunteer mentors.

Stronger Social Connections

Ironically, once you are a mother you are rarely alone, left often lonely. Our events and services connect mothers to like-minded women and volunteers to build real and lasting social connections. We are stronger, together!

As one mother said, ‘The social aspect of the mother and baby group is immense. I do have friends but it was incredible to walk in there and meet mums in the same situation. I met people there and we were able to exchange ideas and resources – and our feelings.’

55% of group attendees made new friends and 61% strengthened existing friendships.

Improved Physical Wellbeing

Nutritious food is crucial to a mother’s healing. Our community kitchen has received star reviews from mothers for its varied, trendy yet healthful meals. Similarly, advice on physical health in a safe and familiar setting has enabled mothers to heal and recover from the postnatal period. And when a volunteer holds a baby so a mother can rest…well, that is gold!

In the words of a grateful mother, ‘thank you for the lunch, which came just at the right time. How did you know I hadn’t eaten anything all day? It was nourishing and tasty – thank you.’

95% say the food from the kitchen was both delicious and nutritious.

Thriving Families

Mother and baby are connected on so many levels. Happy mother, happy baby as they say. Mother to Mother supports the whole family to thrive, with bespoke help, education and advice. This has far-reaching impact on the strength of the family unit and on mother and baby bonding, which sets a child up for life with healthy self-esteem and the ability to form positive relationships.

‘Swimming is the highlight of my week and I have really formed a stronger bond with my baby – thank you!’

92% found babycare advice from visiting experts to be ‘good’ or ‘excellent’; 63% said activities helped them bond with their babies.