0-2 Months

Those first few weeks are vital! Mother to Mother is here to help. We believe that all mothers deserve the best care and support, so they can recover well from pregnancy and childbirth. This helps both mother and baby to thrive during the first year.

Family Liaison Support

‘My family liaison officer knew just what to say. When I was struggling with postnatal depression, I felt comfortable telling her. She supported me to get the help I needed. I don’t know where I would be now without her care and knowledge.’

Our Family Liaison Officer team is one of a kind! We call them FLOs for short! FLOs are here to offer support, mentoring and information to mums using Mother to Mother services. An elite and hand-picked team, the FLOs are all mothers themselves and have experienced the issues-first hand.

FLOs receive specialist training and ongoing support. The training includes mental health, counselling skills and anything postnatal! Our training team is led by women’s health specialist GP, Dr Sheryl Kaplan, and family therapist trainer, Chana Hughes.

Community Kitchen

It’s vital to eat well to feel good. But our Mother to Mother team takes it one step further. We don’t want any mother to feel she is getting a ‘handout’ or welfare; instead we want mothers to feel loved and supported. With this in mind, we’ve designed a creative menu, which is both nourishing and on-trend. Food is packaged and presented to the highest of restaurant standards. Standards are equally high when it comes to health and safety as well as Kashrus – which is supervised by KLBD, with Mehadrin options available on request. This ensures that the service is truly inclusive to everyone.

Chef Shaked Stopnitsky manages the kitchen. She is a skilled chef, with a flair for food that is as healthful as it is creative. Together with senior volunteer, Deena Rokach, she leads a strong team of 30 volunteers. The volunteers take shifts preparing food, packaging it and delivering it to local families.

The community kitchen prepares 6000 meals a year – with demand growing all the time! The kitchen also prepares stylish serving platters and refreshments for Mother to Mother events.

Health and Baby Care Advice

From lending out hospital grade baby scales to connecting mothers with community breastfeeding advisors, we are here to help. Those first months are so much easier with reassurance from experts and mothers who’ve been there before. Our Mother and Baby groups are visited by a rotation of experts in all things baby…they are knowledgeable on weaning, feeding, weight gain, routine and the most popular topic of all…sleep! Our Mums’ academy also offers practical tools to make motherhood easier – from weaning workshops to paediatric first aid training.

Practical Support

We all need a calm and peaceful environment to feel good. New mothers are no different. Mother to Mother can support with practical help. Whether it’s tips on managing the house or arranging for the loan of baby equipment, we will do all we can to ensure each mother can relax with her baby.